VEGAN Barrier Repair Cream

VEGAN Barrier Repair Cream



An excellent daily facial, neck, and chest moisturizer.  This formulation repairs, supports, and builds the skin’s moisture barrier to protect from Transdermal Water Loss.  DMAE is one of nature's most powerful skin renewers because of the way it encourages the skin's healing repair response and for the dermal layer hydration it offers.  Hyaluronic acid together with skin-healthy linoleic oils and vegan ceramides round out this creamy, light-midweight moisturizer. 

Key Ingredients

Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, 3 Day Moisture Reservoir, Gotu Kola


Apply a small amount as needed to cleansed skin.  For extra hydration, apply hyaluronic serum prior to create a moisture barrier.

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