Clear Skin Spot Corrector

Clear Skin Spot Corrector



Gentle fruit and plant acids exfoliate and stimulate the upper dermal layers for turnover and collagen renewal.  Plant Stem Cells literally plug in the holes in the skins cellular matrix.  These “holes” are caused by pollution, stress, sub-optimal nutrition, weather, UV rays, and oxidation.  Peptides and astaxanthin deeply nourish anemic skin and restore balance to free radical carnage.  Niacinamide facilitates the flow between and within cells for significant circulation boost and evening of skin texture and tone. This serum is a VERY ACTIVE, heavy hitter in your daily arsenal for youth and vibrancy.

Key Ingredients

Dulse Red Algae,  Red Clay, Kaolin Powder, Lithothamnium White Algae, Camphor, Licorice Extract, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea


Apply a small amount to entire face and follow with moisturizer.  Can be used under make up.  Suitable for daily use.

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