3% Retinol Moist Night Serum

3% Retinol Moist Night Serum



3% Retinol Moist Night Serum A highly effective combination of Anti-aging ingredients to promote skin repair/transformation and increase skin cell regeneration. Regular use of this Retinol Moist+ combined with Samphira for twice the anti-aging and cell turn-over strength will reduce fine lines, age spots/discoloration and will increase of skin cell turnover. Your skin will appear fresher and more vibrant >Usage: Build up slowly to nightly application of Anti-aging Night Serum in the evening only. Apply to cleansed skin on the face avoiding the eye area. For increased anti-aging results use in combination with morning application of Anti-Oxidant Skin Rejuvenation and Peptide+ Skin Strengthening Serums.

Key Ingredients

.03% Retinol Moist, Aeroleat Samphira, SLMW Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, 5% Niacinamide

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